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Is Forex Worth it ?

Multifarious people all over the world wonder about the significance of foreign exchange and whether it can furnish them with a sustainable income or not. You might have heard before about how Forex turned a wide range of people into millionaires, and conversely, you might have been told that this is not true at all. So, what is the truth? Is Forex just crap? And can it provide you with a stable income that you can benefit from? This article will try to answer these questions to inform those who think about being foreign traders and are reluctant to invest money and energy in it.

How can we Define Forex in the First Place ?

Forex means that a trader buys a specific currency to receive another currency; for instance, you can buy the US dollar in exchange for the French Euro. The profit you gain comes from the difference in value that the two currencies have. Currencies can be exchanged for many reasons, such as tourism, commerce, and transactions, and their prices depend on the rate of supply and demand in the market.

Shall I Go for it?

Well, you are the only one who can decide whether you should go for it or not. Forex trading led many people to have a thin wallet, yet at the same time, it helped several other people to become successful traders and earn an enviable income. If you consult a knowledgeable trader or a prosperous company, they will assure you that the trade is a valuable business. Therefore, take time to reflect on yourself and your aptitude because, like everything in life, foreign trading requires hard work. Don’t ever think that once you start Forex, you will be happy-go-lucky all the time. You need to know that Forex is not akin to gambling to turn people from rags to riches in no time. The bottom line is that your trading should be supported by comprehensive study and knowledge, so one shouldn’t get overconfident without doing the hard work. The cheerful part is that learning about Forex is not like learning gibberish: You can find all the information you need to start your way.

How Much Money Will I Get?


You can expect a great deal, and the more you work and practice, the more you will be good at the business. According to statistics, the average monthly return that forex traders get is about 10%. So, if your account includes $10,000, you will earn about $1000 per month on average. You will need to work for almost two years to achieve this income. Your earnings will hinge on the strategy you will employ and the number of trades you will carry on. This said, we can say that Forex is a safe investment that can render a satisfying income in the long term.

Why Should I Consider being a Forex Trader?

– The convenience of the forex market: Fortunately, if you are strapped for cash, you can start your business with a sum of money as insignificant as $100. You don’t need to splash the cash or have a huge budget. The market is full of the brim, with many accounts, lots, and disciplines for traders to choose from. That is why numerous people opt for Forex and reach a profitable level as they achieve money and engrave their names as successful traders.

– Exotic Pairs: Those who love trading in two different currencies will like Forex because it is the best field offering this opportunity. Exotic pairs allow you to trade in two pairs, one of which belongs to a developing country while the other belongs to a developed country. To exemplify, you can couple a currency like the Egyptian LE with a primary currency like the Euro (EUR).

– The versatility of it: You can work whenever you like. If you want to be a part-time trader, this is possible too. So, there is no manager to tell you when to work, and no fixed rules govern your day. This freedom is one of the reasons why many people enjoy working in Forex.

– The knowledge you will get: Of course, it is okay to work to earn, but learning is equally important. Embarking on Forex will allow you to learn many new skills and broaden your scope of knowledge. If you work in trading, people will be amazed by the further information that you know.

What should I Know about the History of Forex?

Foreign exchange has a long history as it existed for many centuries. Exchanging goods is known since the dawn of history, so the concept of exchanging currencies is not brand-new. During the times of the Babylonians, people started trading goods for gold and silver. Afterward, in the 1920s, a family called the Kleinwort family spearheaded the forex market, which led the trade to flourish in England. In 1944, after the Bretton Woods agreement, exchanging currencies became a stable field, and people started to exchange currencies freely. Nowadays, banks became the leaders of forex trading as they trade currencies for their clients. Individual traders also carry out forex trading on their own. The market of Forex includes several currencies, the most common of which are the following seven currencies: Euro / US Dollar, referred to as USD / EUR.

Canadian dollar / US dollar (USD / CAD).

The British pound / US dollar (USD / GBP).

The Euro / Japanese Yen (JPY / EUR).

The US dollar / Japanese yen (JPY / USD).

New Zealand dollar / US dollar (USD / NZD).

The Australian dollar / US dollar (USD / AUD).


All in all, Forex is one of the most interesting talked-about fields that you should know about. This article presented a brief knowledge about the field, including the top, frequently asked questions that people ask. Like everything in life, the field of Forex can be mastered by acquiring adequate knowledge and working conscientiously to achieve your goals.

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