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What is Forex Trading and How does it Work ?

Forex has raised a storm of controversy as abundant traders around the world debate on whether Forex is worth trying or not. A wide range of people don’t know what is Forex in the first place and why do many businessmen opt for it. It has been proven that Forex can indeed yield a satisfying income that can even be life-changing sometimes. Therefore, in this article, we will speculate the case of Forex and tackle all the frequent inquiries about it. So, if you want to know whether forex is a hoax or a magical trade that can turn your life upside down, you will find ample information below that will satisfy your nagging curiosity.

What is the definition of Forex?

Forex is a kind of trading in which a trader purchases a currency in exchange for another. To exemplify, a trader can buy the Japanese Yen to receive the Us dollar as the difference in value between the currency pair is what yields the profit. The profit comes in the same currency as your forex account. Traders exchange currencies through many fields, such as transactions, tourism, and other commercial reasons.

How Traders Exchange Currencies?

Forex is always traded in currency pairs – for example, KWD / USD (Kuwaiti Dinar vs. US Dollar). Trading forex hinges on currency speculation – Whether a certain currency will rise or fall against the other. So, your decision to buy or sell relies upon this possibility: If you are using the Yen/USD pair, the first currency (Yen) is called ‘base currency’ while the second currency (USD) is called ‘counter currency’.

Let’s take an example about how selling and buying go: In the Euro/ USD pair, when the Euro starts to surpass the USD in value, traders opt for buying the currency pair. And vice versa, if the Euro loses against the USD (or the USD triumphs over the Euro), Forex traders should sell their currency pair. So, it is basically like a currency competition.

What is the Significance of Exchange Rate?

On the one hand, strong currencies are the currencies that raise the price of exports of their country and, therefore, decrease the price of imports. On the other hand, weak currencies reduce the value of exports and increase the value of imports. This tells us how crucial the exchange rate is as it governs the relationships between countries as has the power to alter the trade landscape completely.


What are the best currencies in the Forex market?

There are currencies stronger than the others. The top five currencies in the market are:

1.The Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

  1. The Bahraini Dinar (BHD

  2. The Omani Rial (OMR)

  3. The Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

  4. 5.The pound sterling (The British pound or GBP)

What are the Benefits of forex trading?

If you are a beginner, you might wonder why so many traders go for Forex, so here are the top advantages of Forex:

  • You will have the opportunity to trade on margin, borrowing money from brokerage (using leverage)
  • The market is full to the brim with various ways of trading; you can trade CFDs on over 300 forex pairs with CMC Markets
  • Prices are easily affected by the world’s daily news and economic announcements, so you might find yourself gaining a considerable amount of money in a flash. However, this can also cause you to lose lots of money instantaneously, to be honest.
  • Forex is a 24-hour trade from Sunday to Friday, which gives traders a great deal of time to work at their best times without being restricted to any boundaries.
  • You can trade both by selling and purchasing currencies. There is no fixed position that you should abide by.
  •  As we said above, the market is characterized by a great level of liquidity, which stabilizes credit spreads and reduces trading costs. So, trading Forex is affordable for most traders. You won’t need to splash the cash to strike deals.

Is Forex a Reliable Trade?

Like all kinds of business, Forex requires a great deal of practice to yield a considerable income. Most forex traders get about 10% of their account values per month. Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that your strategies and criteria will highly influence your income, so don’t think of Forex as a magical lamp that will suddenly make all your dreams come true. It is a job that should be supported by study and effort.

When should I Trade Forex?

According to professional traders, build-up times are among the most profitable hours in which you can trade forex. Such hours follow significant announcements, such as GDP value and interest rate. Overlap times can also generate enviable profits if you trade in related currency pairs. Some hours don’t seem to yield enough profits, such as the gab intervals between Forex sessions.

What are the factors that affect the value of my currency?

Several changing factors can reduce or increase the value of your currency. The first of which is the interest rates: To illustrate, if the interest rates rose in a certain country, traders of this country will yield more returns compared to other traders in other countries that have low-interest rates. This explains why forex traders are always keen to know all the news about interest rates as revealed by central banks.

Political affairs and natural disasters play a starring role in changing the value of a currency. To explicate, a country ripped apart due to political disorders or a pandemic usually has a weak currency. Low inflation leads to increasing the currency value because it raises the country’s purchase. Conversely, prospered countries with high economic performance are the best to attract investors from other countries.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we shed light on the most important aspects of trading forex. The market of forex is one of the top financial markets in the world that encompasses a wide range of traders and organizations. It offers you a great opportunity to improve yourself and become a successful trader.

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