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I started Forexviewers with the hope of creating a community of people that would come together, trade and help one another out. I wanted traders to be able to share their thoughts and ideas without being shot down as you see on so many trading”forums” out there. Available on forexviewers.com is a lot of free content and training, make sure you use what is available before spending your own money on courses or in the market. You can get a Free trading course and see for yourself if the Forexmarket is something for you. I wish you all the best and Ill see you in the next one.

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FOREX Market Overview – 2017 –

Forex Market Overview – Episode 4 – 2017

So Im back with a little longer and better video than Yesterday, not much has changed but there are some pairs to look at, main interest on the USDCAD – currently short AUDUSD and USDJPY

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Hi there and Welcome to my site. My Name is E and I am a Professional FOREX Trader. I have been involved in the markets for just over 2 years. My goal for this site is to show what I do every day and who knows maybe spread some knowledge. I took my trading degree from Trade Empowered ( The Pro Trader Course with Jason Stapleton ). I hope that you will enjoy the stream

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